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"Quick, reliable, responsive & insightful: I highly recommend the work of Elizabeth Kley."
Dr. Thomas Hilberg, Sports Medicine FSU Jena  (December 2000)

"When I was writing my diploma thesis, I was looking for someone to keep a sharp eye on my English.  Elizabeth Kley was suggested as suitable for that task, and I can only endorse this recommendation.
In fact, not only has the English in the paper been polished up, but I also have learned a lot.  During and after our discussions on the way I wanted things to be, which---at times---would collide with the subtleties of the English language, I was able to gain invaluable insight and understanding.  And I was finally convinced to start what had begun as but a fancy in my subconscious and is now a true hobby of mine; collecting dictionaries.
Indeed, anyone wishing to make their text the best it can be, is strongly urged to utilize the services provided by Ms. Kley and her colleagues."
Frank Ecke,  Euro Telematik GmbH:  Edinburgh, Scotland  (October 1999)

"We are a business in the business of creating global links  between enterprises, institutions and governments. English as the global language of today is widely used by us, our partners and our clients. We use the services of EnglishEditing.de to improve our documents and texts in English. We are tremendously satisfied, and highly recommend this service."
EuroContact - Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie

"My article 'Data Dependence Analysis in Programs with Pointers', published in the Journal of Parallel Computing, needed work in English sentence structure and choice of wording. Working with Elizabeth Kley proved to be a worthwhile experience, I found her to be very cooperative, and extremely helpful..."
Dr. Wolfram Amme  (May 1998)
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