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This web site has been not updated intentionally. As in life, technology also progresses with rapidity. I set up this web site myself with the tools that were available at the time c. 1998, thus the look of this website harkens back to the days of old (in terms of technology). Please enjoy the look and do not think that it reflects upon the quality of the editing work, which is, as ALWAYS, excellent!

offering the polishing & refining of written English for non-native speakers

ed-it<  a: to prepare for publication  b: to alter, adapt, or refine esp. to bring about conformity to a standard...    [Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary]

Writers of English who are not native speakers are often strongly urged to seek outside assistance with grammar and style.  Whether your work in English (i.e. research papers, posters, abstracts, resumes) is to be published or not... we at englishediting.de can improve your text.
Don't depend on a  professional colleague, or a personal friend--call now, or simply email to elizaenglishediting.de. Our price for this service, as it does not involve translation, is extremely reasonable. For more information, click on About.
This site also includes some links to aid you in the writing of English.  These include online text translation, helpful grammar tips, creative wording and familiar quotes, etc.; simply click on Tools. To read what some satisfied customers have to say about us, click on Recommendations.

In a world in which our society and economy is becoming increasingly globalized, English necessarily becomes the common language of choice. Usage of proper and flawless English is becoming more and more imperative, &  to write correctly.......... is a must.

Make your text the best it can be

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